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Thursday, March 17, 2022

What Is Insurance│What Is Life Insurance


Hello friends, today I am going to explain to you in this article what is insurance and how much Type of insurance and how to get insurance. So Let,s Read This Article

He is the most widely known friend and he knows what Is insurance
What Is Insurance

What Is Insurance
Insurance is a policy and plan that you pay your insurance premium every year or every month and it depends on your insurance. The benefit of insurance is that if you die or have an accident or your house breaks down, you pay insurance or money.

What is an insurance policy?

An insurance policy is an agreement between you and the insurance company and you have to follow that agreement.
How Many Types Of Insurance

Health Insurance:A health insurance policy is that if your health is affected by an illness, if you have not taken out health insurance, the insurance company will pay you.

Life Insurance:This is a life insurance policy that if you have an accident or you die, the insurance company will give you the amount according to your insurance value by looking at your death certificate.

Bike Insurance:A Bike insurance policy is that if you ride your bike, you will have an accident, insurance or treatment, and your bike will be new.

Car Insurance:A Car insurance policy is that if you ride your Car, you will have an accident, insurance or treatment, and your Car will be new.

Home Insurance:As the name suggests, home insurance offers complete protection of the content and structure of your home against any physical damage or injury. In other words, this type of insurance will provide protection from any natural and man-made disaster, such as fire, earthquake, hurricane, burglary, and burglary. Different types of home insurance include: 1) Home Build / Building Insurance - Prevents house building from damage in any disaster 2) Public Debt Claims - Provides protection against any damage to a visitor or third party to an insured accommodation 3) General Fire and Special Disaster Policy - Preventing damage caused by fire, natural disasters (eg, landslides, rock falls, earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods), and man-made human activities (e.g., explosions, strikes, and riots) 4) Personal Injury - Provides funding for you and your family against any form of permanent extinction or sudden death to an insured person, anywhere in the world. 5) Burglary and Theft Insurance - Provides compensation for stolen property in the event of burglary or theft 6) Content Insurance - Provides compensation for the loss of furniture, vehicles, and other items in the event of a fire, theft, flood, or riots. 7) Tenants' Insurance - Provides financial protection for you (as an employer) on any loss of personal property living in a rented house 8) Homeowners Insurance - Provides protection for you (as a homeowner) against emergencies such as social liability and loss of rent

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