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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Customer Service Representative (Graduates)︱Home Jobs

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$34,529 - $50,224 per year 

Occupation Type 



Pulled from the full set of working responsibilities

Complete Job Description



Client support Representatives work in a call community climate to give an undeniable degree of value administration Jobs to our clients on SSA's National 800 number. 
Watch what Customer Service Tele service Representatives do! 
This position is situated in the Auburn Tele service Center at 1901 C Street SW, Auburn WA.


As a Customer Service Representative(CSR), you will add to the Agency's central goal by: 
Noting un screened calls for consistent time frames on SSA's public 800 number; 
Giving quality client care in a quick moving, high call volume climate; 
Directing meetings to decide the idea of the call;
Distinguishing people who might be qualified for different SSA programs by using screening and meeting strategies viably; 
Giving data on SSA's arrangements and systems and settling client inquiries by recognizing the issue and choosing the best option(s) for goal; 
Deciding qualification for programs controlled by SSA; 
Utilizing computerization devices to access and refresh data; and 
Conveying administration to clients inside concurred administration levels and set up execution norms.

Travel Needed

Not needed

Management Status


Lifting Power


Work Family (Series)

0962 Communications Representative

Same jobs
Client support Representatives 

Agents, Customer Service


Conditions of Employment

U.S. Citizenship required 

Should have a passing degree or authentication at the hour of arrangement 
Foundation and additionally ecurity examination required 
Propositions for employment are dependent upon foundation/security examination results 
Selectees are needed to serve a time for testing 
Migration costs won't be paid 
Particular Service Registration, if relevant
Should pass Meet-and-Deal board meet 
Selectees are needed to finish an around multi week specialized instructional course


To be considered for determination, you should be qualified for the Recent Graduate Program AND meet the capabilities indicated for the posted position(s).

Post-Qualification Graduation Qualifications

To fit the bill for arrangement to the Recent Graduates Program, you more likely than not finished all prerequisites of a scholarly course of study prompting a partner's, single guy's, lord's, proficient, doctorate, professional, or specialized degree or qualifying declaration program from an authorize instructive foundation. Your graduation (degree presented) date should be inside the 2 years going before your application to this declaration OR no later than shutting date of the declaration. Note: See Required Documents area to guarantee you give the right documentation to demonstrate your Recent Graduates Program qualification. 

Inclination qualified veterans who, because of military assistance commitments, were blocked from applying to the Program during any part of the 2-year qualification period are qualified for an entire 2-year time of qualification upon delivery or release from deployment ready. In no occasion, notwithstanding, may the qualification time frame reach out past a long time from the date on which the inclination qualified veteran finished the prerequisites of a scholastic course of study, when a passing degree or declaration was given. Note: See Required Documents segment to guarantee you give the right documentation to demonstrate your Recent Graduates Program and inclination qualification.


You should likewise meet the underneath capabilities for the posted position(s) by the end date of this announcement,09/09/2021. 

You might qualify at the GS-4 grade level (beginning compensation $34,529) on the off chance that you have one of the accompanying: 

A. 52 weeks of full-time general insight, performing dynamically capable administrative, office, or other work that shows capacity to procure abilities expected to play out the obligations of the position. 

(Your resume should completely uphold these reactions; else, you will be found ineligible); OR 

B. Fruition of an entire 2-year course of study above secondary school (e.g., 60 procured semester hours, 90 acquired quarter hours, partner's certificate, etc.).; OR 

C. A mix of effectively finished instruction over the secondary school level is noteworthy toward meeting the base capability prerequisites. Note: Experience and training will be registered as rates of the general necessities and should equivalent to 100% when joined. 

You might qualify at the GS-5 grade level (beginning compensation $38,632) on the off chance that you have one of the accompanying: 

A. 52 weeks of full-time Jobs specific experience, identical to the GS-4 grade level in the Federal help, that shows experience applying rules, arrangements, or methodology to give client help, responding to or asking client inquiries to get or give data, and utilizing a PC to enter information. (Your resume should completely uphold these reactions; else, you will be found ineligible); OR 

B. Finish of an entire 4-year course of study above secondary school (e.g., 120 acquired semester hours, 180 procured quarter hours, four year certification, etc.).; OR 

C. A blend of effectively finished schooling course work comparable to a baccalaureate program past the subsequent year (e.g., in overabundance of the initial 60 acquired semester or 90 procured quarter hours) is respectable toward meeting the base capability prerequisites. Note: Experience and schooling will be figured as rates of the general necessities and should equivalent to 100% when consolidated. 

Note: Part-time Jobs work is customized in crediting experience (e.g., on the off chance that you work At Home 20 hours out of every week for a year term), you will be credited with a half year of involvement.


Skill ASSESSMENT INTERVIEW PROCESS (CAIP) INTERVIEW - Applicants will be needed to partake in a board meet (after essential qualification assurance) to show an inclination for meeting and managing general society. Candidates should pass this screening to be observed to be completely equipped for this position and get further thought for determination. This meeting will cover regular circumstances, which may be experienced at work, face to face or via phone. Candidates should show characteristics like clearness of discourse, capacity to tune in, capacity to set up certainty and set others straight and the capacity to sort out and offer viewpoints unmistakably. On the off chance that you don't pass the CAIP talk with, you won't fit the bill for the work. Board meetings might be directed through video conferencing programming, if in fact practical. 

NOTE: Previous Meet and Deal results are not legitimate for this opportunity declaration; you will be needed to finish the CAIP evaluation. 


Giving PROOF OF EDUCATION OR SUBSTITUTING EDUCATION: Proof of training or schooling replacements should be submitted with your application bundle and got by the end date of the declaration. You should present your records as per the application accommodation subtleties of this declaration. Archives won't be acknowledged by means of email or standard mail. Note: See Required Documents segment to guarantee you give the right documentation. 
Candidates chose for the position should give an authority transcript(s) including the date the degree or authentication was presented before being delegated. 

Unfamiliar Education: If your records show instruction finished in unfamiliar schools or colleges, you should likewise give documentation that the training qualifications have been assessed by a private association that works in translation of unfamiliar training programs and such instruction has been considered comparable to that acquired in an ordinary/certify U.S. instruction program; or full credit has been given for the courses at a U.S. authorize school or college. For a rundown of Credential Evaluation Services, sign on to: Credential Evaluation Services. 
Extra data 
This is a profession stepping stool position offering the chance for yearly advancement dependent on execution paving the way to the GS-8 grade level. Regularly competitors are employed at the stage one except if they have earlier government experience with no break in assistance. 

Extra determinations might be made inside a half year from the end date of this declaration. 
Specific Service: If you are a male candidate brought into the world after December 31, 1959, you should confirm that you have enrolled with the Selective Service System, or are absolved from doing as such under the Selective Service Law. See 

The SSA Recent Graduates (Program) gives Recent Graduates passage level formative experience and is intended to prompt a profession in the Federal government. Program participant(s) are set in excepted administration arrangements, not-to-surpass 2 years. 
Note: This position is being occupied on a full-time premise. This is a 2-year formative program. After.Customer Service Representative fruitful culmination of the program, you might be non-seriously changed over to a term (not to surpass 1-4 years) or extremely durable arrangement.

How to Get Tested

You will be assessed for this work dependent on how well you meet the capabilities above. 

Candidates will be assessed for essential qualification as it were. The assessment you get depends on your reactions to the poll. Your resume and supporting documentation might be contrasted with your reactions to the word related poll, which is intended to catch the capability necessities for this position. If it's not too much trouble, ensure you answer all inquiries and adhere to all directions cautiously. Blunders or exclusions might influence your assessment. 

Qualified candidates will be put in classes as indicated by veterans' inclination status: 

10-point inclination qualified veterans with a compensable assistance associated handicap rating of 10% or more; 

Other 10-point inclination qualified veterans 

5-point inclination qualified veterans 

Veterans qualified for Sole Survivorship Preference 

Any remaining candidates 

If it's not too much trouble, ensure you answer all inquiries and adhere to all directions cautiously. Blunders or oversights might influence your assessment. The survey requires roughly 15 minutes to finish. To review the inquiries, click the accompanying connection: 

For extra data see: What to remember for your resume.

Background testing and security approval

Trusted status 

Not Required 

Medication test required 


Position affectability and hazard 

Moderate Risk (MR) 

Trust assurance measure 


Required Documents

You should present all supporting documentation by the end date of the opening declaration (09/09/2021) to help your qualification for the Recent Graduates Program, meet indicated capabilities for the posted position(s), and guarantee particular sorts of inclination. Note: Failure to give required archives might bring about non-thought for the posted position(s). 

RESUME: You should meet the fundamental capability necessities for the position being filled, including any certain training prerequisites as well as specific arrangement factors. All candidates should present a resume showing work plan, hours worked each week, dates of business, and obligations performed. Your resume should give explicit subtleties with respect to how your experience meets the capabilities for the posted position(s). While portraying your involvement with your resume, if it's not too much trouble, be explicit; we won't make suppositions in regards to your experience. Guarantee that your resume incorporates the grade (in case you are a current or past government representative) and month, day, and year that you started and finished each position held. Without this data, the experience acquired while in that position may not be credited toward meeting the capabilities prerequisites.Customer Service Representative The resume ought to demonstrate if the work is all day or low maintenance. Low maintenance work is allocated (e.g., on the off chance that you work 20 hours of the week for a year time span, you will be credited with a half year of involvement). 

Experience articulations (i.e., obligations, particular experience, or word related evaluation poll) duplicated work from Home jobs this declaration and glued into your resume won't be considered as an exhibit of your capabilities for this position. You continue should give setting and adequate detail of your experience. Inability to give subtleties will bring about an ineligible rating. 

Your resume should likewise uphold your reactions to the online survey. Inability to offer help might bring about a lower rating and additionally you might be avoided from thought. 

 Best Benefits Of  Customer Service Representative jobs

Records: Unofficial records from a certify school or college perceived by the U.S. Branch of Education are satisfactory to confirm that you meet Recent Graduate Program qualification and determined capabilities necessities. You should present a clear duplicate of records or rundown of school courses with your name, school name, credit or semester hours, major(s), and grade-point normal or class positioning. Duplicates of degrees, authentications, and certificates are not viewed as OK archives to decide Recent Graduate Program qualification. 

Note: Your records should show the date the degree was presented. On the off chance that you have as of late graduated or will before long alumni and the date the degree is presented isn't at this point on your record, your record should be joined by a letter from your instructive organization (e.g., a letter from the Registrar, Student Counselor, Dean of College, and so on) checking your certification finish and the date of consummation to be OK. Inability to furnish records with legitimate going with documentation might bring about non-thought for this position. 

Candidates chose for the position should give an authority transcript(s) including the date the degree or declaration was given preceding the powerful date of their arrangement. 

VETERANS' PREFERENCE: If you are guaranteeing veterans' inclination, you should present a duplicate of your tactical release declaration (DD-214 part 4 duplicate liked) or an authority explanation of administration from your order in case you are right now ready for deployment. To be adequate, the record should contain dates and show Character of Service. In case you are asserting 10-point veterans' inclination dependent on a help associated handicap, you should likewise present an Application for 10-Point Veterans' Preference (SF 15) and the necessary documentation indicated on the converse of the SF-15. Candidates guaranteeing determined inclination should present the SF-15 and the necessary documentation indicated on the converse of the SF-15. Inclination will be conceded dependent on the reports got. 

Note: If you are a current well-trained military part who doesn't have a DD-214 and are guaranteeing inclination under the Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) Act, you should submit affirmation from the Armed Forces demonstrating that you will be released or delivered under good conditions from well-trained inside 120 days of the date on the certificate. Certificates should be on letterhead from the proper military branch and incorporate the accompanying data: military dates of administration and expected release or delivery date, the personality of administration, military position, sort of release, and date when terminal leave will start. Confirmations should be endorsed by or under the bearing of military individuals' tactical staff workplaces, unit authorities, or higher base camp. 
For more data visit the Vet Guide. 

In case you are depending on your schooling to meet capability prerequisites: 

Schooling should be licensed by an authorizing organization perceived by the U.S. Branch of Education with the goal for it to be credited towards capabilities. Hence, give just the participation and additionally degrees from schools certify by authorizing organizations perceived by the U.S. Branch of Education. 
Inability to give the entirety of the necessary data as expressed in this opening declaration might bring about an ineligible rating or may influence the general rating. 



A profession with the U.S. Government gives representatives an exhaustive advantages bundle. As a government worker, you and your family will approach a scope of advantages that are intended to make your bureaucratic profession extremely fulfilling. Opens in another window Learn more with regards to government benefits. 
Audit our advantages 
Qualification for benefits relies upon the kind of position you stand firm on and regardless of whether your footing is full-time Jobs, low maintenance, or irregular. Contact the employing organization for more data on the particular advantages advertised.

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